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Presenting your House for Sale

Here is a check list you may find helpful when preparing your home for sale:

KITCHEN - Stove, refrigerator and sink should be spotless, and all work spaces clean.

BATHROOMS - Neat, spotless and fresh.

WARDROBES - De-clutter. Untidy or overcrowded wardrobes suggest inadequate storage space.

CHILDREN AND PETS - Can prevent buyers from concentrating on your home. We suggest that you allow buyers to inspect your property without distraction.

LAWNS AND YARDS - Cut grass, edge paths, trim hedges, weed gardens and remove clutter from yard.

HOUSE EXTERIOR - Wash down and paint if required.

GARAGE - Tidy.

PLUMBING - Repair dripping taps, leaky toilets.

LIGHTS - Replace all burned out bulbs, faulty switches. Clean fly dirt off lights and ceilings.

HALLS AND STAIRS - Remove any clutter to give a spacious appearance.

HARDWARE - Oil hinges, tighten door knobs and taps.

GENERAL CONDITION - Feeling of spaciousness, de-clutter to enlarge room sizes.

LET...your sales consultant know which rooms benefit from morning to late afternoon sun or summer breeze.

TELL...your sales consultant the things you like best about your house, section, location.




TURN ON... sufficient lights when showing.

SPRAY .... with scented air fresheners to counteract any smells, such as those from cooking, smoke or dog odour.

IN WINTER ... make sure the house is really warm for viewings. Most buyers look for homes that are well cared for and that are clean and bright.