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Common Pricing Questions

"Let's just try it at a higher price for a while"

This is an extremely dangerous tactic because price is the window through which buyers look. If the price is inaccurate, buyers simply look elsewhere, regardless of how good your consultant is.
It’s much easier to convince a buyer to make a higher offer when they can see that the property is competitively priced by comparison to others they’ve seen.

“There’s no one coming through the open homes.”

The truth is that if no one is visiting your property it’s because buyers perceive that there are other properties that are more competitively priced by comparison or your marketing needs reviewing.
Buyers generally refuse to visit properties they perceive are overpriced by comparison. They’ll compare one advertisement with another, compare the features and benefits of each and won’t even call the sales consultant to give them an opportunity to sell your home.

“Just bring me an offer.”

If you are getting buyers through the property but they are buying other properties instead, that too, is evidence of an inaccurate listing price.
Buyers generally won’t make offers on property they perceive as overpriced, because they believe that if that’s what the client wants, there’s no point in making an offer. Instead, they will make offers on properties they perceive are better value for money.
It is better to be priced correctly and turn down offers you don’t want rather than not get the opportunity to consider an offer.