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Allen Gunn

Allen Gunn - Hard Work & Dedication Gets Results

I’ve always believed that being trustworthy is the most important part of this job. Second only to that is absolute professionalism and being able to have a few laughs.

It sounds like a simple philosophy - but it works.
In my time at Harcourts I’ve sold over 250 million dollars worth of property.
I have consistently ranked in the Top 20 Harcourts agents in Canterbury (1999-2014) and several times in the Top 20 in New Zealand.
I’ll be honest, I am proud of my record.
It has taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get those kinds of results. I guess you could say that I have come from pretty humble beginnings, but being born into a coal mining family in Southland has given me the values to help get me where I am today.
I am married with two fantastic young adults that I am very proud of.
I love my sport and have managed to squeeze in a very rewarding career playing armchair for the All Blacks. I am also an avid fan of cars and antiques. And ...just like classics ... my shape might have gone out of fashion... and I might not be the flashest looking on the block... but I've made a lot of owners happy!